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Boiler Service Checklist

It is essential to service your boiler or appliance regularly to maintain its efficiency and to check its safety.

What should I expect during a routine service?

Gas Boiler

  •  Gas inlet and burner pressure checked
  •  Cleaning of the electrodes to maintain the flame failure device
  •  Visual inspection of the flue and boiler casing for leakage
  •  Controls tested
  •  Dust and dirt removed from the heat exchange unit
  •  Written service report given to customer

Condensing Boiler

  •  Electronic flue analysis to compare combustion efficiency to manufacturer's guidelines (printout provided)
  •  Gas inlet pressure checked
  •  Written service report given to customer

Pressure Jet Oil Boiler

  •  Baffles removed and cleaned
  •  Burner nozzle replaced
  •  Oil line to burner connection (flexible braided hose) replaced at least every other year
  •  Smoke testing undertaken
  •  Measurement of combustion efficiency with a flue analyser
  •  Adjustment of oil pump pressure and air mixture as required by above analysis
  •  Fire valve phial tested with hot water and reset
  •  Written service and safety (boiler and oil storage) report given to customer